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CONDOLENCEa collaborative art show by Ethan Arnold & Linnea Maas Doyle

5-10p Friday 24 June Ambiente Gallerie 505 1st Ave NE, Minneapolis MN 55413

You are invited to join Linnea Doyle & Ethan Arnold for an Opening Reception on Friday, June 24 from 5-pm. The artists have joined styles to create a brand new series of large collaborative paintings that will transform the gallery! Ambiente Gallerie is right in the middle of I Like You/Fox Tax and Herbivorous Butcher/Red Stag on First Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis.

CONDOLENCE: This showing was made with the intent of active & conscious support. We are not obligated to always express our CONDOLENCE in sorrow or grievance, rather, we can use it positively to acknowledge a fellow feeling or a common opinion. This is a show…of sympathy. Our own CONDOLENCE is the result of a six month process. It is a practice to remind ourselves how important it is to find our solace within rather than from outside sources. This is a collaborative exhibit created solely for us, examining skills that we already possess, and combining our talents. After years of acquaintance, this is the first time our styles have been blended in such a way.

As the series developed we became stronger through our progression, layers, and style. We overcame boundaries, because, what one expects and what one gets is not always evenly matched.